Sober living

Sometimes, sober living houses also act as a stand-alone approach for substance misuse problems, meaning that someone will go straight there without first attending a residential treatment center. Sober living houses and halfway houses are often used interchangeably as they both provide a substance-free living environment for those suffering from addiction. Differences between the two […]

Each has its own strengths, and may prove a useful backup medication, or even a good first choice. Acamprosate is also intended for people who want to stop drinking altogether. Typically, people begin using acamprosate once they’ve completed detox from alcohol, to help them remain abstinent. After medication treatment, nearly 46 percent said that they […]

Those deaths included acute causes like car crashes and alcohol poisoning, as well as chronic conditions such as liver disease or cancer. Put another way, alcohol was a factor in 1 in 8 deaths among 20- to 64-year-olds. And in people ages 20 to 49, 1 in every 5 deaths was related to excessive drinking […]

The body must be treated in a holistic manner; addictive and damaging substances can impair, and even shut down, the digestive process, which then prevents the brain from being nourished properly. Withdrawal from alcohol is different for everyone, and it can last anywhere from a few days to an entire week. The alcohol detox stage (when your […]