Company philosophy

Company philosophy is to put into practice the customer desires in a professional manner. Professionalism means, in our case, to define, together with the beneficiary, functional solutions according to company and project needs, combined with current laws, social sustainability, urban context, risk assessment and financial modeling.

Functionality, meaning the principle of „Form Follows Function”, underlies our projects. We strive for our projects to be functional, efficient in the GLA & GBA rapport, modern and appealing.

In general, in the development of Real Estate, architecture is the mirror of a society. We, as architects, have a responsibility to participate in the society dialogue and to help decision factors to find sustainable solutions in both, the architecture and in the requirements of urban developments.




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Intraurban Consulting SRL

Address: George Enescu Street, Nr.5, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

+40 743 33 22 90

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